Building Waterfalls

C&K has published Australia’s first collaborative birth to school age curriculum, entitled Building waterfalls, which will be implemented in the pre-prep programs offered at all C&K kindergartens. Building waterfalls is different to other early childhood curriculums in that it was created by and for educators, parents and children.
Children do not learn in isolation. It is a collaborative process. Building waterfalls acknowledges the important role adults – educators and parents -other children and the physical environment play in children’s learning. Building waterfalls acknowledges children as competent and capable learners, and the significant role adult’s play in optimising and enhancing children’s living and learning experiences. Adults and children share responsibility for the learning process through interaction, negotiation and collaboration.
Building Waterfalls is aligned with The National Early Years Learning Framework & the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines.
We have combined the philosophy of C&K, which is that children learn through play, exploring, investigating, problem solving, negotiating, & researching as well as contemporary international early childhood research and practice.
International studies have proven that children learn and thrive in a warm, caring play based environment that includes parents in the learning process. For this reason we have intentionally used the term ‘curriculum framework’ to reflect the learning possibilities and potentials inherent in each individual environment.
The metaphor: building waterfalls provides a powerful and symbolic provocation for our thinking and a reminder of the capabilities of children – their strength, optimism, spontaneity and possibility. Water provokes thoughts of movement, change, power, flow, creativity, potential, renewal and freedom – of journeys with beginnings and yet to be discovered possibilities.