Bribie Island Community Kindergarten actively promotes environmental awareness and encourages children and families to protect the environment through modelling and education. We strive to cultivate a lifelong respect of environmental awareness and care.

Native wildlife is treated with care and respect and is allowed to remain free while appropriate observation for children’s information is made.
The planting of and tending to trees and shrubs is a valued aspect of our service.
They provide us with effective natural shade and maintain habitats for birds and other native wildlife. Where practical and possible, hygienic composting of lawn clippings and fruit waste is practised, along with recycling of plastic, paper, metal and glass materials.
Bribie Island Community Kindergarten has a policy on “minimising harsh elements in early childhood settings” which encourages hygiene practices without the use of harmful chemicals.
In keeping with teaching and learning around sustainable practices we have rain water tanks, solar electricity and heating panels, worm farm, compost, chickens, a Butterfly and Spiny Leaf Stick insect house and we encourage Litterless Lunches

Our Environment