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Learning Fun!

Learning Fun

Our approach to curriculum (educational program) is born out of a long held tradition of early childhood philosophy and practice, and is supported by contemporary international and national research and theoretical perspectives around children’s learning, health and wellbeing. In our service children are valued and respected as competent and capable co-contributors in the learning process. Our teachers work alongside your child to actively encourage and support them in the learning process.
Staff regularly undertakes professional development to ensure the most up-to-date research underpins the basis for shaping curriculum decisions.
The curriculum offered is a collaborative venture, negotiated with children and developed by fully qualified early childhood professionals. The physical environments and mood and feel of the centre are designed to support and enhance your child’s learning. Your child’s curiosity, enthusiasm and love of learning will continually be encouraged by staff. As teachers and children engage in inquiry together, children are learning to observe, ask questions, reflect on their actions, and engage in meaningful and self-directed activity.
Our well respected tradition of encouraging family and community involvement ensures that our curriculum:
    • supports and affirms parents in their parenting role
    • acknowledges the individuality of family aspirations and traditions
    • optimises learning for children
    • engages parents in cooperative decision making
    • is relevant to the children, families and community
    • facilitates networking among families within the local community.

The essence of our role as educators is to add complexity to children’s thinking by posing a question: “What do you think?” or "I wonder....if, what, how, why, when".
 In doing so adults provide the child with a possibility, acknowledge them as a thinker and constructor of knowledge and at the same time, indicate to the child that they are ready to listen
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