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Reflecting on “school readiness” and transitions to school

With the new year, brings new worries. Starting school can be a stressful time for children and for parents.  If your little one is about to transition to school this year (or next year), here are some great tips and helpful articles on ‘school readiness’ 

Connecting Young Children With Nature
Recent studies have shown us the importance of introducing children to the natural world, especially starting in the early years. Click here 

Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kindy
Dr Joanna McMillan offers great ideas and advice for kindy lunches Click here

Jamie Oliver’s Packing School lunches ideas click here for ideas about packing a healthy lunch box.  

The Value of Play
Why play is important? Click here 

Numeracy & Literacy​
Click here Developing Literacy in Early Childhood Education.

Click here Developing Numeracy in Early Childhood Education.
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