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Documenting your child’s learning

When we stop to ask children what they think, the possibilities abound. Not only are they active seekers of knowledge but also ardent, and sometimes surprising, carriers of knowledge. At Bribie Island Community Kindergarten our university qualified teacher strives to make this knowledge visible to you by capturing your child’s learning and thinking in portfolios. Portfolios are more than a memory or keepsake of your child’s time at Bribie Island Community Kindergarten.
Not only do they provide an insight into your child’s learning, tell the story of their time spent at Kindy, they also make the quality of our teaching practice visible to you. Portfolios provide children with an opportunity to revisit and reflect on past experiences; record their learning, including their emerging literacy and numeracy skills as it occurs in our rich, socially responsive and interactive learning spaces; and provide our teachers with the knowledge they need to ensure your child’s time with us is full of wonder and possibility.
Through careful observation and documentation, teachers gather information to determine the appropriate amount of challenge to offer your child in order to further enhance their skills, abilities and comprehension.

Observation and documentation forms the foundation for additional experiences to be planned, and provides crucial information for the environment to be arranged to extend learning. As an understanding of your child grows through observation, teachers are able to plan for interactions that best support your child’s interests, needs, ideas and questions.

The use of documentation methods, such as individual child portfolios via Storypark, learning stories, images, child voice-overs and project learning journals allows teachers to gain an in-depth understanding of your child’s development in action. The use of concrete illustrations through the inclusion of photos and work samples provides a unique opportunity for focused discussion between you and the teachers. This allows for deeper partnerships to grow and for shared goal setting to occur.
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